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Sports-Line AG Applied to Multi Use PitchSports-Cote SPORTS-LINE AG is a high-performance two-pack polyurethane line-marking paint specially formulated for use on polymeric surfaces.

Sports-Cote SPORTS-LINE AG contains a unique blend of polymers and tack promoters to ensure optimum adhesion and longevity. For maximum colour retention, the paint utilises UV resistant polyurethane technology. Application is by brush, roller or airless spray.

Sports-Line AG Applied to Multi Use PitchSports-Cote SPORTS-LINE AG features:

  • Quick cure formula reduces facility downtime
  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility for longer useful life
  • High durability means higher visibility for extended periods of time
  • UV resistant - insignificant fading due to sunlight
  • Bright, intense colours for attractive pitches with well defined play lines
  • Fungal and algal growth are not promoted by the polymers used
  • Good chemical resistance - lines resist degradation by common pollutants

Sports-Cote SPORTS-LINE AG is used to line mark all manner of polymeric surfaces and has excellent adhesion, flexibility and durability making it the ideal choice for the exacting demands of single-use pitches, multi-use pitches (MUGAs) and sports surfaces.

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